We all know there are many physical and mental positives to being physically active, and one of the best ways of making sure you stick with it is to work out with a friend. 

  • You'll work a bit harder - Exercising with another person pushes you both to do your workout to the best of your ability. 
  • You won't bail on a pal - Scheduling your workout with a friend means you'll be less likely to skip the session on a whim. 
  • Social wellbeing - Social interaction is a key factor for many in choosing exercise. Training with a pal gives you something that is non-existent going solo.
  • Spot each other - Having a training partner means there's always someone there to keep you safe. It also opens a whole world of exercise options you couldn't do alone. 
  • Shared goals and competition - If you're both working towards a common goal, you can compare progress, and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone. 
  • Try new things - What exactly is that exercise class you've heard about but never tried? Bring you buddy and find out together. 
  • Recover together - You've worked hard together, so now recover together. Grab something to eat or catch a movie. Just don't cheat too much. 

With our state-of-the-art gyms, swimming pools and over 200 fitness classes each week, GO Gateshead has plenty for you and your training buddy to discover together. 

Check out our range of membership options to find the best one to suit your circumstances. Refer a friend to GO Gateshead, and when they take out a membership, we'll give you one-month free on your membership. Send two friends our way, and you'll get two months free. Three friends and, well, you get the idea.