School holiday swimming lessons

Boost your swimming with our crash courses, one-to-one lessons and other aquatic activities during the school holidays!

Crash courses and one-to-one lessons

These lessons will have smaller group sizes (or just your child and the teacher for one to one lessons) and are a perfect way to boost your child's swimming ability. You will be able to view your child's progress online, and if they swim with us in weekly lessons this will be linked with their current progress record. If they pass all outcomes in their holiday lessons they will be able to move up in their weekly lessons.

Five day courseFour day courseOne-to-one lessons
£26.40£21.12£20 per lesson
Dunston Leisure CentreMonday 19 August to Friday 23 August with Amanda
Birtley Swimming CentreTuesday 27 August to Friday 30 August with Clare
Stage 4 and Stage 58.15am to 9am
Stage 2 and Stage 39am to 9.30am
Ducklings and Stage 19.30am to 10am
One-to-one lessons10.00am onwards

We will add more one-to-one lessons depending on demand, so if you cannot see any availability at your chosen centre please email with your requirements and we will see if additional sessions can be arranged.

More information about class types

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Experience snorkelling

Give snorkelling a go in these introductory sessions.  No experience or equipment is required.  Minimum standard of Stage 3 swimming for Monday sessions which will be held in shallow water, or Stage 5 swimming standard for Wednesday sessions which will venture deeper!

Heworth Leisure Centre
Monday 19 August, 10am to 11am (shallow water, minimum Stage 3 swimming standard)£10 per one hour sessionBook now

Wednesday 21 August, 10am to 11am
(deep water, minimum Stage 5 swimming standard)

£10 per one hour sessionBook now

Class types

Stage 4 and Stage 5 (8.15am to 9am)

These classes are 45 minutes and will primarily work on breast stroke and butterfly strokes. These are the most common outcomes which pupils need help with. The classes will be based mainly in the small pool/improver pool, so that technique can be worked on without worrying about the water depth. There will be some time spent in deeper water. Maximum group size will be eight.

Stage 2 and Stage 3 (9am to 9.30am)

This class is aimed at pupils in Stage 2 or 3. Maximum group size will be eight.

Ducklings and Stage 1 (9.30am to 10am)

This class is aimed at children who have not had lessons before. Pupils must be a minimum of 4-years-old. The maximum group size will be six and the teacher will be in the water. There is no need for the parent to go in the water. At the discretion of the teacher, children who attend this course will be permitted to join our standard stage evening classes. 

One-to-one lessons (10am onwards) 

The pupil will get a full 30 minutes of individual tuition with the teacher in the water. One-to-one lessons are for both children and adults. It can be used as a booster for pupils already in our lessons, but new customers can also join and no previous swimming experience is necessary. Pupils will be taught skills appropriate to their ability in a water depth suitable for them. This will be part of the normal public session.