What is Speedflex?

Speedflex is a revolutionary, multi-functional workout that will transform your health and fitness. You get what you give, with the specialist Speedflex stations responding to your level of exertion, giving you a truly authentic high-intensity workout that adapts to your fitness and ability. 

Over 100 exercises can be performed using a Speedflex station, allowing you to simulate almost all movement patterns from daily life. There are no weights; the stations work using a hydraulic 'free motion bar' which delivers resistance equal to the force applied to it, meaning you can make your Speedflex session as hard or as leisurely as you want it to be. 

Speedflex is efficient, enjoyable, and delivers an exceptional cardiovascular and resistance workout at the same time, improving your fitness, endurance and strength, while burning calories and helping you to tone and lose weight. What's even better is Speedflex is entirely low-impact, so you'll experience very little or no muscle soreness post workout. 

Gateshead International Stadium's Speedflex studio is free to use for all members. To get the best from your time, join in one of our totally inclusive, instructor led fitness classes. 

Is it for me?

Speedflex is a full body workout that is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is designed to allow anyone to work at a high intensity that is entirely tailored to your fitness and ability. Often referred to as the 'world's best burn', if you're willing to work for it you can burn over 700 calories in a single session; or take it at an easier pace, it's entirely up to you. One thing is guaranteed, you'll have fun and feel great afterwards. 

What classes are available?

Speedflex Intro

An instructor led session intended for those brand-new or returning to Speedflex. You'll learn how to safely use the stations and optimise your workout, while giving you the confidence to progress on to more intense classes.  

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Speedflex 30

This inclusive instructor led class blends a mix of high intensity exercises using the Speedflex stations, with functional training exercises. Expect a challenging session as you work all major muscle groups, including core muscles, over 30 exciting minutes. 

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Rolling Speedflex

Rolling Speedflex is an instructor led drop-in class following the same format as Speedflex 30. Join in when it suits you. The session starts and ends when you want. No need to book, we're ready when you are. Maximum of 14 participants at any one time. 

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