As we prepare for the end of a second national lockdown, GO Gateshead is aiming to keep you moving until such a time as we can welcome you all back to you local leisure centre, with a broad selection of free online fitness classes for you to try. 

The virtual fitness sessions, lead by your favourite instructors, are available through the GO Gateshead website, and include a variety of class types, including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Pilates, Legs, Bums and Tums, Dance Aerobics and more, as well as classes specifically tailored for older residents.

Angela Douglas, Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and Leisure said "Staying active is a great way to maintain physical fitness and positive mental health. We've all had to be creative with how we workout during the ongoing pandemic and until physical fitness class can return, the online class GO Gateshead offer a great alternative. Crucially each on features varying intensity levels, meaning anyone can give them a go, regardless of age or ability".

All classes are available at