Using the gym

For your health and safety, and to understand what to expect when attending our leisure centres, you should read the following information before your first visit. 

We politely ask all visitors to maintain a 2-metre social distance wherever possible.

You must book your gym session in advance. This can be done up to seven days beforehand.

Arriving at the leisure centre

Please aim to arrive at least five minutes before your session is due to start. This will help ensure a smooth transition between sessions, as well as maximising your time in the gym.

You may leave before your time slot ends, but please do not stay on-site beyond your pre-booked time slot.

You may have to queue outside of the leisure centre before your session starts. Our staff will let you know when it is safe to enter the building.

Once in the leisure centre, follow signage and the one-way systems at all times.

Before you use the gym

You should only bring essential items required for exercise. Do not bring bags or extra clothes you will not wear in the gym.

Although there are changing rooms and lockers available, we ask that you arrive for your session ready to train and shower and change at home where possible. 

You should not use your own towel in the gym, instead, use the disposable towels provided.

Customer toilets will be open for use by gym users.

Using the gym

Our gym layouts have changed to enable social distancing. This has included moving equipment into nearby studios and sports halls. Please ask a member of staff if you need directions while on-site.

You should adhere to social distancing wherever possible and be respectful of the personal space of others.

We ask that you wipe down equipment before and after use. There will be disposable towels and disinfectant available.

Please do not 'spot' train partners in the gym at any time.

As soon as your time slot ends, leave the gym immediately. This allows us time to clean and sanitise before the next session.

Now you've familiarised yourself with the new regulations and processes regarding the reopening of your gyms, it's time to book a gym session.