You should read the following information before visiting. This will help ensure your health and safety when using our swimming pools.

We politely ask all members to maintain a 2-metre social distance wherever possible.

Before visiting the leisure centre

Before your first visit to our swimming pools please make sure you have completed the reactivation form. If you are a GO Gateshead card holder this will enable you to book swim sessions online. If you are a GO Gateshead member this will also reactivate your membership Direct Debit so you are not charged per session for any bookings you make. 

If you have never held a GO Gateshead card , please make your first booking by calling Dunston Leisure Centre on 0191 433 5757. Our team will be happy to accept your booking and will prepare a GO Gateshead card for you to collect on your first visit, so you can make future bookings online. You will need to provide an address, mobile number, email and date of birth for each member of the party.

You must book your swim in advance.  This can be done up to seven days beforehand, but if there is space then you can book immediately prior to the session. 

Please make sure you shower at home wherever possible before attending the leisure centre as the use of showers onsite prior to your swim is limited. 

Where possible please arrive at the leisure centre wearing your swim wear under your clothing, or a dry robe if you have one.  Also bring a bag with your underwear, towel and any other essential items.  You will need to be able to fit your clothes and shoes in the bag while swimming as no lockers will be available. 

Arriving at the leisure centre

Please aim to arrive at least five minutes before your swimming session is due to start. This will help ensure a smooth transition between sessions, as well as maximising your time in the pool.

To help prevent large groups of people queueing outside you may enter the building as soon as you arrive.  At busier times however, you may be required to queue outside the leisure centre. Our staff will let you know when it is safe to enter. 

Please report to reception on arrival where we'll confirm your attendance and advise you on the procedure for changing and accessing the pools.

Large pool customers are expected to change on poolside pre-swim, so please advise our team if you are unable to do this so we can allocate an accessible changing room and hoist if required.

Each session lasts for a total of 45 minutes and does not include time spent changing. 

You are required to wear a face covering while moving through the leisure centre. You do not need to wear one while swimming or when in a changing cubicle.

Before you use the swimming pool

Once in the leisure centre there will be different entry and exit points for the swimming pools - follow signage and the one-way systems at all times.

When entering the pool area  you will be given a designated poolside seat and a cubicle colour for your post swim change. 

Please remove outdoor shoes before you enter the changing/poolside area.  Place your towel on your designated seat, change for your swim, and then place your shoes and clothing in your bag. Place your bag on your seat where you will be able to see it while swimming. 

If you have booked a family swim in the main pool then children should stay with the accompanying adult and change at the same seat. Please make sure that children are supervised at all times.

If you have booked a family swim in the small pool then you will be allocated a family changing cubicle for use before and after your swim. 

You should enter the pool from the shallow end, ideally directly into the lane you have booked.  Please do not exceed the displayed maximum capacity for your lane. 

Customer toilets will be available for pool users.

You may leave before your timed session ends, but please do not stay on-site beyond your pre-booked time slot.

Using the swimming pool

While lane swimming, please swim clockwise leaving at least two metres between you and the swimmer in front.

While swimming in family sessions you can move around the allocated pool area freely, splash about and have fun, but please try to maintain 2-metres between your family and other swimmers.  You are welcome to bring small floating and sinking toys for your children to play with.

At the end of your session time please exit the pool, collect your towel and bag from your chair and then follow the signs to the changing rooms and a cubicle of the colour you've been allocated.

To reduce dwell time customers should change and then shower at home. If any customer has a skin condition or other medical condition meaning they need to rinse off the pool water then they may do so in the pre-swim shower bank, however soaps and shower gels may not be used. Private cubicle showers and vanity areas, including hair dryers will not be available. Customers with disabilities who require private showering facilities should ask to use the Changing Places accessible changing room which has a shower. 

Now you've familiarised yourself with the new regulations and processes regarding the reopening of your swimming pools, it's time to make your booking.