This summer, kids swim for free!

Free swimming for under 18s is available from 24 July to 5 September.

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New rules

To create a safer environment for our customers, both members and non-members now need to book a slot when visiting our swimming pools.  Please make sure you have read and are comfortable with the new rules on using our swimming pools. 

Before your first visit you must first reactivate your GO Gateshead card to enable you to book activities online. Please complete the form and we'll let you know as soon as you're ready to book, or you can phone our call centre on 0191 433 7111 between 9am and 5pm (weekdays), 9am and 3pm (weekends) to have it reactivated immediately. 

If you are a GO Gateshead member, you need to decide if you are reinstating your membership and Direct Debit so you can book without being charged per session.  If you do not wish to reinstate your membership at this point you can choose to reinstate your GO Gateshead card only and then you can pay-as-you-go for sessions.

If you have never held a GO Gateshead card, you can register for a free GO Gateshead card to allow you to book and pay for sessions. .  

Currently swimming is only available at Dunston Leisure Centre.  Swimming will be available from 12 July at Gateshead Leisure Centre and from 19 July at Heworth Leisure Centre and Birtley Swimming Centre. 

How to book

You must book your swim session in advance online or by phone. 

Bookings can be made up to seven days in advance or immediately before the session if space is available.  However, no bookings or payments can be taken on the day at reception.

We encourage all customers to book their swimming sessions online if possible. If you have not used this facility before you will need your GO Gateshead card to set up an account.  If you or any member of your family (including children and babies) hasn't got a GO Gateshead card then you can register for a free GO Gateshead card and then use your unique reference number (beginning 777) to  register an online account for booking activities.  You can use the same email address for multiple accounts so long as you choose a different username.

To book a lane swimming session

  • go to leisure bookings, ideally on a smart device (you can book using a laptop or computer, but you will not be able to see the number of available spaces in each session)
  • on the booking system, under 'classes', select the session type you want book from the options
  • choose the date you want to book
  • select 'search'

You should then see all the available time slots and remaining spaces. Once logged in, you should then be able to book the time slot you want.

To book a 'Swim for All' session

This uses the same booking system as for lane swimming, but due to the restrictions of the system each individual adult and child who wishes to attend must have a GO card, register an online account and be booked in a separate transaction.  We advise that you use a mobile device to do this as this will show the available number of spaces (number of spaces is not shown when using a computer) so you can check there are enough spaces for your whole group, and then log in and book each person in quick succession. 

If you would prefer to book over the phone, please check the booking system first to see if there is space in your preferred session. You can check the availability of spaces in sessions without logging in by following the instructions for lane swimming.

Bookings for SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) sessions on Sundays at 12.15pm must be made over the phone.

Telephone bookings

Telephone bookings can made Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and weekends 9am-3pm - please phone 0191 433 7111. Phone booking is available for lane swimming, Swim for All and SEND sessions. Telephone bookings cannot be taken outside these times so please use our online  leisure bookings.

Response times may be longer during periods of high demand, but we will answer your call as soon as possible.  You will need your GO Gateshead card to hand, as well as those of any other adult in the booking. 

You can make a swim booking up to seven days in advance.

Swim session types

There are a range of different Swim session types available to book. Please choose the one that best suits your needs and ability. 

Each session lasts for 45 minutes unless specified. If you do want longer in the pool you may book consecutive sessions depending upon available capacity. 

Changing or cancelling your booking 

We all know plans can change.

Members can cancel their booking on our booking system so the space can be made available to others. 

Pay as you go customers can phone us and we will be happy to move your session to a different time.

Give us your feedback

We know that these arrangements are quite different from what everyone is used to and that regular swimmers may not be visiting their usual pool.

If you have any feedback, good or bad, please email with your thoughts and opinions or complete a customer comment card.

Your feedback will be used to help shape our leisure services in future.