Fitness classes are available at Dunston Leisure Centre.

Additional fitness class programmes will be introduced to Gateshead Leisure Centre, Heworth Leisure Centre, Birtley Leisure Centre (operated by Lifestyle Fitness) and Birtley Swimming Centre. Dates to be confirmed.

Online booking

Currently you must book all fitness classes in advance of your visit.

Non-members must pay at the time of booking.

Bookings can be made up to seven days in advance.

All fitness classes should be booked online if possible.

Due to limited class sizes, try and avoid booking multiple classes on the same day to allow fair access for all. You can book a gym and or swim session to compliment your class if you wish.

You should then see all the available classes and remaining spaces. Once logged in, you will be able to book the class you want.

Cancelling your booking 

We all know plans can change. If for whatever reason you can no longer attend an existing booking please cancel your booking on our booking system so the space can be made available to others.  Alternatively, you can cancel your booking by emailing

Available fitness classes

To help you back into group exercise we have developed a diverse programme of fitness classes that will give you a great workout while also allowing you to maintain a social distance from others. None of the class available to book require a lot of movement around the studio. 

Abs blast

Abs Blast is an intense abdominal workout aimed at developing core muscles. Our instructors take you through a range of mat-based exercises of varying intensities and motivate you to achieve your desired results.

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Aquafit Shallow is a high-energy, fun fitness class that's great for burning fat, boosting energy and improving well-being. It's aerobics in a pool, which means all the enjoyment of aerobic activity with none of the strain or impact on joints.

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A high intensity workout in the small pool with bursts of cardio exercises followed by short recovery periods. Don't forget to bring along your pool shoes for better grip and a more challenging session.

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Beginner step and tone

A light step-based class combining cardio with toning exercises on the step board. This is a great way to build fitness and introduce cardio into your workout and tone up different muscle groups in one session.

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Circuits class is a full-body workout that combines cardio activity and strength training. The session focuses on short bursts of exercise alternating between cardio and strength based exercises giving you the opportunity to challenge yourself and work hard.

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A high-energy cycling workout to increase cardio fitness, build core strength and tone muscles. Using stationary bikes, our instructors help you improve fitness levels through a combination of speed and resistance exercises.

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GO Easy seated circuits

This circuit based session combines a number of different exercises which can be done seated or standing or a combination of both as your fitness levels start to improve. This session is ideal for those with health conditions or mobility issues. 

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High-intensity interval training is all about hard work in intense bursts, with a brief rest in between. It's a full body workout involving strength training and cardio activity, designed by our instructors to help you build-up and tone your core muscles.

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Legs, bums and tums

Legs, Bums and Tums class focuses on a range of lower body exercises to shape and tone thighs, buttocks and stomachs. Our instructors lead you through a gentle warm up before we get to the serious workout. Of course, by serious, what we really mean is fun.

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Light circuits

Light Circuits is a low-intensity full-body workout that combines cardio activity and strength training. The focus here is very much on taking things easy, performing standing and floor exercises that you're comfortable with to build confidence and improve fitness.

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The GO Gateshead Pilates class builds core strength through a range of mat-based exercises and controlled breathing. Our instructors focus on precise stretches and relaxing breathing techniques to tone muscles and release tension.

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