Leisure update statement

Over the past 14 months the Council has prioritised its COVID-19 response efforts in order to protect our residents during the pandemic.  Some of our discretionary services, such as leisure, have been affected by this.

Not everyone will agree with this approach, but as a Council we have had to redirect our limited resources to where they were most needed to support our residents.  Our leisure sites support testing, vaccinations and our community hubs network.  Leisure service staff have been vitally important in supporting our pandemic response and have been delivering support from several of our leisure sites. Their work has been invaluable throughout the pandemic.

Despite the easing of lockdown measures we are not in a position to reinstate all of our leisure services.  We will be looking to reopen our leisure sites over the coming weeks, where we consider this does not impact upon our COVID-19 response.

Subject to the ongoing review of infection rates within Gateshead, we will be looking to open leisure facilities as follows:

  • From 7 June 2021- gym and sports hall activities will reopen at Gateshead Leisure Centre
  • From 14 June 2021 - gym facilities will reopen at Heworth Leisure Centre
  • We will work to reintroduce swimming at Gateshead Leisure Centre, Heworth Leisure Centre and Birtley Swimming Centre during July

Blaydon Leisure and Primary Care Centre will remain closed until late this year owing to it currently being used as an NHS vaccination site.

We are currently updating the booking systems to allow you to book your classes, gym and swim at the sites.

You will be able to book for Gateshead Leisure Centre from Monday 1 June, Heworth Leisure Centre from Monday 7 June. We will confirm for other sites as they reopen. 

Read our leisure centre reopening page for further information and updates.