Swim session types

There are a range of different swim sessions available to book. Please choose the one that best suits you needs and ability. Remember, lane swimming should be booked in advance

We've also have revised operating procedures in place to help keep you safe while visiting the leisure centre. Please familiarise yourself with these in advance of your visit.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes unless specified. If you do want longer in the pool, you can book consecutive sessions if spaces are available. 

Slow Lane Swim

Suitable for recreational swimmers who swim at a relaxed pace. You will be able to stop at the end of the lane if needed. These will usually be double lanes against the side of the pool with up to 12 swimmers. 

Medium Lane Swim

Intended for swimmers who are comfortable swimming full lengths of the pool at a reasonable pace. These will usually be single lanes along the middle of the pool with up to eight swimmers. 

Fast Lane Swim

These lanes are intended for those who swim regularly and for longer distances.  These will usually be single lanes along the middle of the pool with up to eight swimmers.

Lane Swim

You will see this option when we are not able to offer more than one lane speed and is most suitable for medium and fast lane swimmers.  Although the speed of swimmers may vary, the maximum number of swimmers will be reduced to six for a single lane. There will usually be a 'Swim for All' session at the same time which may be more appropriate for slower swimmers.

Swim For All

If you are not keen on continuous swimming up and down the pool then a 'Swim for All - Large Pool' will be the session for you. In this you can choose whether you want to swim while chatting to your friends, do a bit of aqua jogging, stay shallow, go deep. It's up to you! However, if you want an uninterrupted swim then one of the lane swim sessions above will be better for you.

On evenings, weekends and at school holidays times some sessions will be marked as 'Swim for All - Family Fun'.  Anyone is still welcome to attend these sessions, but there are likely to be more children playing and splashing about, so if you prefer a quieter swim then choose a standard 'Swim for All' session.

'Swim For All - Small Pool' sessions are ideal for adults with babies, toddlers or young children, with plenty of space to play. 

What if I want to move between session types?

There are no restrictions moving into or between designated 'Swim for All' areas of the pool (unless it is exceptionally busy), so families can move between small and large pool as required.  There are maximum capacities displayed for lanes, so moving between or into lanes will only be permitted if the lane is not at capacity.  If you are likely to want to move between lanes and 'Swim For All' then book a lane swim and you can be sure you will get your uninterrupted lane swim but can move into the 'Swim For All' section of the pool when you want to.

Can I swim for longer than 45 minutes?

You will be permitted to stay in beyond your 45 minute session but only if there is a following session and there is space in it.  If swimming in a lane and you staying in for the next session causes your lane exceeds its maximum capacity then you will be asked to move into another lane or the 'Swim For All' area.  Time in the 'Swim For All' areas of the pool will not normally be restricted unless it is extremely busy.

SEND sessions - Dunston Leisure Centre, Sundays at 12.15pm

This session is aimed at families who have children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Although SEND swimmers are welcome at all swimming sessions, this dedicated session will give an opportunity for the whole family to swim in a friendly, non-judgemental environment. 

Both the small pool and the main pool will be available, and you should book whichever pool you are comfortable swimming in.