Heworth Leisure Centre will reopen from Monday 12 September.

School swimming lessons and evening children's lessons will run as usual. Members of the public can use the free section of the pool during school swimming lessons, but unfortunately, we will be unable to offer weekday swim for all or lane swimming sessions outside of school swimming lesson times for the moment. 

Public swimming will be available on Sundays and Aquafit classes will run on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings. Check the new pool timetable.

The full programme of fitness classes will also be available.  

Initially, the gym will be open six days a week (closed on Saturdays), and while this is the case we hope gym users can join us at another of our leisure centres if they want to work out on Saturdays.  

The limited operations are due to our ongoing staff availability issues, which although improving, are not yet resolved. In order to reopen Heworth, we have also had to make some changes to the pool timetables at some of our other leisure centres and pre-booking lanes is no longer available - just turn up. Please check the pool timetables before you visit.

We appreciate that many people will be frustrated by the limited options for public swimming and we apologise for this. We're in the process of recruiting more staff and we will expand our pool timetables as soon as we're able to. 

We also carried out repair work to the heating and power system at Heworth Leisure Centre while it was closed, which means the site can now operate more efficiently. 

Thank you for your patience during the temporary closure and for your ongoing support. We're looking forward to welcoming you back to Heworth Leisure Centre.  

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons booked at Heworth Leisure Centre were moved to Gateshead Leisure Centre during the temporary closure. If your child was previously attending swimming lessons at Heworth, you should have received an email with information on what is happening.

If you haven't received this, please email aquatics@gateshead.gov.uk with your child's name.