Children's swimming lessons

Where little splashers become graceful swans.

Swimming is the only sport that children can do from birth and the only sport that can save their life! It's a great exercise that helps to build strength, flexibility and stamina. And most importantly of all, it's fun!

From getting their faces wet to swimming 100m in four different strokes, GO Gateshead swimming lessons teach children the key skills and techniques they need to become strong swimmers.

Children can learn to swim at any one of five GO Gateshead leisure centres, from babies through to teens. Lessons run all year round and your child is welcome to join at anytime. Classes have a maximum of 12 children. This helps us give children the care and attention they need to thrive. Each lesson is 30 minutes long and delivered by our level 2 qualified Swim England coaches.

Swimming lessons for babies and toddlers

Babies have a natural affinity to water and are born with the reflexes to help them instinctively kick and wave their arms when supported. Our preschool lessons are designed to help nurture these natural abilities and build a lifelong friendship with water. Don't worry, at this stage were not expecting your babies and toddlers to be swimming 25 metres in three different strokes. It's all about getting children used to water and teaching core skills.

It all starts with our Discovery Duckling Awards, which builds confidence for babies and toddlers that are new to the water through fun and games. Parents are carers will join their children in the water for these lessons, so you'll get to join in with the fun too!

Children that are old enough to follow instructions can - with help from parents and carers - then work through their Duckling Awards, which teach independence and start to get kids ready for the Learn to Swim Framework.

To complement the Discovery Duckling and Duckling Awards, there are also nine I CAN awards to collect at any time throughout preschool lessons. These cover everything from entering and exiting the water safely to blowing bubbles, swimming and jumping in!

Swimming lessons for primary school children

The Learn to Swim Framework is where confident splashers are transformed into accomplished swimmers. Across seven stages our qualified Swim England coaches work with children to swim confidently in a fun, safe and engaging environment.

Children work through a clear set or targets, collecting badges and certificates at every stage with eventually aim of becoming proficient in all four strokes: front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. And it's all done in the way that kids learn best... through fun!

As well as teaching children the skills and techniques needed to perform all four strokes, we also focus on core aquatic skills such as breathing, health and fitness, rotation and orientation, flotation and balance, and water safety.

Children that complete the seven stages gain the skills to enjoy a lifelong love of water and a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Aquatic Skills

Swimming lessons don't have to stop with the completion of the Learn to Swim Framework. At GO Gateshead, stage seven leads right into stage eight - the start of the Aquatic Skills Framework.

Across three stages (8-10 in the Swim England Framework), our coaches work to develop the skills of children that want to use their swimming abilities in more advanced ways. These lessons are based around what the child would like to focus on and can include competitive swimming, diving, snorkelling and lifesaving.

New skills can also be taught in other aquatic sports such as water polo and synchronised swimming.

For children, whose love of swimming and water goes beyond the four strokes, the Aquatic Skills Framework is a challenging and enjoyable way to progress in-water abilities.

Swimming lesson monthly direct debit price (includes unlimited free swimming) 
Juniors (50 weeks per year courses - all evening and weekend lessons)£22.00
Juniors (37 weeks per year courses - weekday daytime Pre School lessons)£16.28

Reduced prices apply for holders of GO Gateshead Access, LPDC and LAC cards.

Join our lessons today - there's nothing to pay upfront and no minimum term contract!

If you join today your first payment will be the 1st of the next month.  Your child can continue for as many or as few months as you want.  If your child doesn't enjoy the lessons you can cancel within 14 days with absolutely nothing to pay.   Unlike some other local pools we don't charge  a 'month in hand' which increases your first payment and means that you're still paid up for over a month when you decide to cancel.  With us, when you want to cancel  just let us know by the 20th of the month - no further payments will be taken and you can attend lessons until the end of the month.  

To enrol your child in swimming lessons, get in touch with your local GO Gateshead leisure centre, or fill out our online enquiry form.

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