The 10 Stages of Superstar Swimmers

GO Gateshead swimming lessons teach children the skills they need to be confident and safe in the water. Throughout the 10 stages they'll go from developing movement to becoming competent swimmers in all of the four strokes, picking up plenty of badges and certificates along the way.


Adult and child

Age: 4 months to 4 years

Becoming happy in water and developing movement with a range of musical games and fun activities for parents/carers and little ones. Here is where children will prepare for stage 1.

Awards: Discovery Ducklings, Ducklings, I CAN 1-9.


Stage 1

Getting faces wet and moving around for a distance of five metres without floatation. Children will also begin to learn pool rules and how to exit the water safely.

Awards: Learn to Swim 1


Stage 2

Jumping safely into the pool, blowing bubbles, gliding and travelling using recognised leg actions. Parents and carers will start to see a little swimmer in the making.

Awards: Learn to Swim 2


Stage 3

Jumping in progresses to jumping and submerging. Kids will learn how to push off, glide and travel for a distance of 10 metres on back and front. They'll also be able to answer water safety questions and exit the pool safely, without steps.

Awards: Learn to Swim 3


Stage 4

Performing a sequence of changing shapes whilst floating, kicking 10 metres in different strokes, and log rolls from front to back and back to front, help to introduce swimming variety.

Awards: Learn to Swim 4


Stage 5

Performing sculls, pushing, gliding and swimming to 10 metres and treading water for 30 seconds help to build strength and improve technique in the water. Forward somersaults, handstands and jumping into the water in different shapes add to the fun of this stage.

Awards: Learn to Swim 5


Stage 6

Swimming 10 metres fully clothed, and pushing, gliding and swimming for 25 metres are the big tasks at this stage. Kids will also work on preparing for exercise and rhythmic breathing.

Awards: Learn to Swim 6


Stage 7

By now you've got a real swimmer on your hands. They'll be pushing, gliding and swimming 25 metres in all four strokes, swimming 50 metres in one continuous stroke and - the big one - swimming 100 metres in a minimum of three different strokes.


Stage 8

For students that have completed stage 7, stage 8 offers the chance to take part in different aquatic disciplines including swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo. We'll tailor the coaching to the child's chosen pathway.

Awards: Learn to Swim Swimming 8, Learn to Swim Diving 8, Learn to Swim Synchronised Swimming 8 or Learn to Swim Water Polo 8.


Stage 9

Children will focus on rules, movement and technique in their chosen discipline, with the aim of progressing to a competitive level.

Awards: Learn to Swim Swimming 9, Learn to Swim Diving 9, Learn to Swim Synchronised Swimming 9 or Learn to Swim Water Polo 9.


Stage 10

Developing endurance and technique with the ability to perform competitively for a club in their chosen discipline.

Awards: Learn to Swim Swimming 10, Learn to Swim Diving 10, Learn to Swim Synchronised Swimming 10 or Learn to Swim Water Polo 10.

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