60 minutes of fun, full-body activity, where no 20 minutes are the same.

GO Moderate Cardio/Step

What does it involve?

20/20/20 is the perfect all-round fitness class. Repetitive things become boring, so with 20/20/20 we change things up to keep it fun and interesting. The class combines 20 minutes of cardio step, 20 minutes strength training and 20 minutes of aerobic activity, for a full body workout.

Each session focuses on building up core fitness, toning legs, arms, buttocks and abs, and generally improving well-being. There'll be plenty of calories burned along the way too!

Is it for me?

20/20/20 is best suited to intermediate and regular exercisers. We'll be focusing on all muscle groups and there's constant movement involved, so the blood will be pumping. Beginners might want to build up to this by trying out a Light Circuits class.

If you enjoy exercise and are looking to get involved in a group session, or want something new to try with friends, 20/20/20 is a great option.

What do I need?

  • comfortable clothing for activity
  • comfortable trainers
  • drink
  • towel

Low impact aerobics is included in the GO Gateshead membership. You can also come and try it out on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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