Step-two-three-four, Aerobics fun on the floor...

GO Moderate Cardio/Step

What does it involve?

Aerobic Infusion is an energetic class designed to give you a cardio workout, while helping to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Working to music, our instructors take you through a combination of low-intensity and high-intensity moves that will get your heart pumping and your blood-flowing. One hour of this will leave you feeling full of energy, less stressed and ready to take on the world - one aerobic step at a time!

Is it for me?

Aerobic Infusion is great for most people. It's a fun-filled hour of exercise among friends. Aerobics is proven to help control weight, decrease risk of diabetes and heart diseases, and lower blood pressure.

As you'll be on the move for a full hour, we've rated this class as GO Moderate - for intermediate and regular exercisers. Aerobics has a higher impact on your joints. If you'd rather something without the strain on your back and knees, try one of our Aquafit classes instead.

What do I need?

  • comfortable clothing for activity
  • comfortable trainers
  • drink
  • towel

Aerobic Infusion is included in the GO Gateshead membership. You can also come and try it out on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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