If you don't jump, you'll never fly...

Feel what it's like to fly. Build the strength, flexibility and skill to help you soar higher for longer - with aerial moves and routines thrown in for good measure.

Trampoline for fitness, or to become a future gymnast, with structured coaching from British Gymnastics instructors. These sessions are inclusive for everyone, regardless of ability. Trampolining is a low-impact activity that works on improving fitness, strengthening muscles and developing motor skills. It's a great sport for both physical and mental well-being. But most of all, it's fun! Because what's not to love about bouncing around?

Trampolining coaching is held at Gateshead Leisure Centre. Enrol for lessons at the reception.

Trampolining dates and times
Sunday9 - 10am
Sunday10 - 11am
Sunday11am - 12noon
Sunday12noon - 1pm


Trampolining lesson prices
With a GO Gateshead card£46 for a course of 10 lessons
Without a GO Gateshead card£78 for a course of 10 lessons