Those boots are made for walkin'...

Get fit walking. That's right; that thing you do every day without thinking is a great way to keep active and stay healthy. And the more you walk, the greater the benefits. Walking at leisurely pace of 2mph for 30 minutes burns around 75 calories. Up your pace to 4mph, and you burn double that. But walking doesn't just help you lose weight, it's also lowers the risk of dementia, type two diabetes and several forms of cancer. You'll enjoy toned up legs, bums and tums, and positive mental health too.

GO Gateshead runs weekly organised walks around some of Gateshead's most scenic parks, urban areas and heritage sites. Each walk is led by a volunteer walk leader and lasts between 10 and 90 minutes.

If you fancy getting out of the house for a casual stroll with new friends, while taking in the sights and sounds of our beautiful borough, put on your best walking shoes and pop along.

When and where

Scheduled walks
Monday, 10amBlaydon Leisure Centre
Monday, 10amWhickham Medical Practice
Tuesday, 11amSaltwell Towers
Wednesday, 11amFACT Swalwell Office
Thursday, 10amTeams Medical Practice


Walking prices