Workout less. Burn more calories.

GO Tough Interval training

What does it involve?

High-intensity interval training is all about hard work in intense bursts, with a brief rest in between.

It's a full body workout involving strength training and cardio activity, designed by our instructors to help you build-up and tone your core muscles.

But get this, you'll burn more calories than a regular workout, in less time. Short breaks between bursts kick the metabolism into overdrive, helping the body to burn calories even after exercise is done.

Is it for me?

If HIIT sounds a bit scary it really isn't. For intermediate and regular exercisers of all levels, it's a great way to get active and improve fitness.

If you enjoy getting active in a friendly, motivational environment, you'll love our sessions. Just one class can improve confidence, help you sleep better and have you feeling positive about your fitness goals.

What do I need?

  • comfortable clothing for activity
  • comfortable trainers
  • drink
  • towel

HIIT is included in the GO Gateshead membership. You can also come and try it out on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Blaydon Leisure Centre (HIIT Step)7 to 8pmBook now (opens new window)
Heworth Leisure Centre6.30 to 7.30pmBook now (opens new window)
Dunston Leisure Centre7.45 to 8.30amBook now (opens new window)
Blaydon Leisure Centre 6 to 7pmBook now (opens new window)
Blaydon Leisure Centre   11am to 12pmBook now (opens new window)