Prices at Dunston Leisure Centre

Find your activity and how much it costs.

The lists below show prices at Dunston Leisure Centre for GO Gateshead card and GO Gateshead Access card holders, as well prices for non-cardholders.

GO Gateshead members have access to all gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes at no-extra cost. Booking activities, such as squash and coaching sessions aren't included in the membership and are charged at the rates below.

Coaching sessions (per 10 lesson course)
Standard (non-cardholder)                                              £77
Adult (GO Gateshead cardholder)£65.50
Students and 65+ (GO Gateshead cardholder)£50
Juniors (GO Gateshead cardholder)           £46
Access adults (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£46
Access juniors (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)   £34
Fitness classes (per session)
Standard (non-cardholder)£5.70 
Adult (GO Gateshead cardholder)£4.70
Students and 65+ (GO Gateshead cardholder)£3.60
Juniors (GO Gateshead cardholder)£2.95
Access adults (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£2.95
Access juniors (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£2.25
Gym (per session) 
Standard (non-cardholder)£6.50 
Adult (GO Gateshead cardholder)£5.50
Students and 65+ (GO Gateshead cardholder)£4
Juniors (GO Gateshead cardholder)£3.30
Access adults (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£3.30
Access juniors (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£2.60
GO membership (per month)
GO Gateshead cardholder (17+)                                              £28.50
Students and 65+ (GO Gateshead cardholder)£23
Juniors (GO Gateshead cardholder)£19
Joint (GO Gateshead cardholder)£52
Access adults (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£19
Access juniors (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£15
No contract£35
Pool parties 
Large pool (rafts and rings)                                              £100
Small pool (toys, rafts, inflatables etc)£85
Large pool (1 x water walker + rafts and rings)£135
Large pool (2 x water walkers + rafts and rings)£150
Room hire (studio 2)£15
Sauna and steam room (per session)
Standard (non-cardholder)£7 
Adult (GO Gateshead cardholder)£5.90
Students and 65+ (GO Gateshead cardholder)£4
Juniors (GO Gateshead cardholder)£3.50
Access adults (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£3.50
Access juniors (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£2.75
Squash (per session)
Standard (non-cardholder)£8.50 
Adult (GO Gateshead cardholder)£7.15
Students and 65+ (GO Gateshead cardholder)£5.60
Juniors (GO Gateshead cardholder)£4.60
Access adults (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£4.60
Access juniors (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£3.40
Swimming (per session)
Standard (non-cardholder)                                        £4.60 
Adult (GO Gateshead cardholder)£3.60
Students and 65+ (GO Gateshead cardholder)£2.50
Juniors (GO Gateshead cardholder)£2
Access adults (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£2
Access juniors (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£1.50
Under 4sFree
Family swim (up to two adults and two children)
Standard (non-cardholder)                                              £15
GO Gateshead cardholder£10
GO Gateshead Access cardholder£6

For a full list of prices and activities across all seven GO Gateshead leisure centres, visit our full price list page.

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