Gain a life skill and a love of water to last a lifetime.

Swimming lessons not available

Swimming lessons are not yet available to book, but you can pre-register your interest. More information will be available soon.

Learning to swim means gaining a life skill. It gives confidence in water and the technique to be able stay fit and healthy. With GO Gateshead, there's no age limit and no ability requirement. If you have a swimming costume, you're good to go!

From babies to adults, anyone can enrol in our swimming lessons at Birtley Swimming Centre and learn from qualified Swim England coaches in a fun and safe environment.

Whether you or your child are getting feet and faces wet for the first time, or you're someone simply looking to perfect stroke technique, we've got lessons to suit, with plenty of certificates to pick up along the way!

Children's swimming lessons


Swimming is the only sport that children can do from birth and the only sport that can save their life! It's a great exercise that helps to build strength, flexibility and stamina. And most importantly of all, it's fun!

Swimming gives kids the chance to splash around in water and play with friends, while learning new things and getting a full-body workout without even realising it. From getting their faces wet to swimming 100m in four different strokes, Swimming lessons at Birtley Swimming Centre teach children the key skills and techniques they need to become strong swimmers.

Children can learn to swim at our leisure centre, from babies through to teens. Lessons run all year round and your child is welcome to join at anytime.

How to enrol

To enrol your child in swimming lessons, contact Birtley Swimming Centre on 0191 433 5775 or get in touch online.

Adult swimming lessons

Whether you're a complete beginner, a nervous swimmer or someone looking to fine-tune stroke technique, we can help you reach your goals. For adults trying out swimming for time, our qualified Swim England coaches will work with you to improve confidence in water, before building the skills and techniques you need to become a competent swimmer in several different strokes.

If you're a more experienced swimmer coming back from break or looking to improve, you can take advantage of experienced coaching to develop stroke technique across all four strokes.

Adults can also use lessons as a way to progress into competitive swimming or join a Masters swimming club.

Lessons run all year round. You're welcome to join at anytime.

How to enrol

To enrol in adult swimming lessons, contact local Birtley Swimming Centre on 0191 433 5775 or get in touch online.