The Clip 'n Climb Challenges. Meet your adversaries...

With 21 unique challenges featuring 25 climbing lines, Clip 'n Climb is the ultimate climbing experience for children and adults. You'll need to call upon all of your strength, balance, determination and concentration if you're going to take on the obstacles we've got in store for you.

Here's what you'll be facing when you visit Clip 'n Climb Gateshead.


Navigate your way to the top of this vertical maze. But don't take a wrong turn, you might get stuck!


If you thought ball games were easy. Think again!

Big Cheeses

So you want to be the big cheese? You'll have to get to the top first!


This isn't just a wall to climb, it's a problem to solve. Bring your best grip and your thinking cap.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a great place, with a wonderful view... If you can climb the 25 feet to get there.

Dome Chimney

You'll have a whole new level of respect for Santa after you've tackled this chimney.


You versus the person on the other side. Marks. Set. Go!


Can you reach the summit or will Hexed leave you vexed?

Jungle Vines

Only the best commando climbers can become king of the jungle.


Can you master the turning circles, or will Orbital leave your head in a spin?


King Kong made taking on a skyscraper look easy. How will you do?

Speed Climb

How fast can you climb? There's only one way to find out. Start the clock!

Stairway to Heaven

There's a stairway to heaven, but it's not a smooth ride.


A shift at the steelworks isn't easy work. Come and find out for yourself.

Tree Trunk

Climbing trees is easy, right? Well, this is no ordinary tree.


Don't get it twisted, there's more than one way to reach the top of this colourful challenge.

Zigg Zagg

Zigg to the left, zagg to the right, reaching the top is a challenge, alright!

Vertical Drop Slide

Hold on tight while we hoist you to the top for three-metres of free-fall and a huge adrenaline rush!

Leap of Faith Single

You're over 22 feet in the air. The grab bag looks almost within reach. Can you make it? There's only one way to find out.