Active Mums are happy mums!

Active Mums is a fun way to meet new people and get active outdoors with your baby. With babies safe and snug in their pushchairs, you'll be working on improving fitness and toning up by performing a range of enjoyable cardio and bodyweight exercises, overseen by our qualified instructor.

Buggies are kept on the move throughout the class and there are dedicated feeding stops around the park. Because we understand babies wait for no-one when it comes to food!

Classes follows a familiar route every week, so if you're ever running late, you'll know where to find us. If baby becomes distressed during the class, don't worry about it! We're all parents here. Babies cry - it's what they do. If you'd like to step out, you can easily pick up the route later.

Is it for me?

If you want to improve fitness, beat the baby blues and have fun with other people, you'll love what Get Active Mums does for body and mind. Plus, there are few things babies like more than being out in their buggies!

What do I need?

  • loose, comfortable clothing
  • comfortable, flat training shoes
  • a buggy, your regular buggy will be fine
  • a baby, of course
  • a drink for you and baby
  • snacks for baby
  • toys and books for baby


Get Active Mums is suitable for new mums up to one year following birth.

Before joining, mums need to have received their six week GP check-up (12 weeks for C-section).

When and where

Active Mums
Tuesday, 1.30 - 2.30pm Saltwell Park
Thursday, 1.30 - 2.30pm Derwenthough Park


Free, but booking is essential.

To book your place for Active Mums contact the GO Gateshead team on stating which session you are interested in joining.