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Gateshead Leisure Centre's sports hall is a inspirational place, capable of transforming itself into an arena for a multitude of sports. One day witness the drama of a late free throw on the basketball court, or a spectacular dive to keep the shuttlecock alive. The next, the wild celebrations of a last minute goal in 5-a-side or netball.

Our sports hall is your theatre of dreams. A place to create sporting memories that last a lifetime.

You bring your friends, we'll provide the sporting floor.


Badminton is great for all ages and abilities. It tests your reactions, coordination and flexibility, and it's guaranteed to get you moving. Play at a leisurely or competitive pace, in a singles match or doubles. However you play, and at whatever level, expect a fun and rewarding challenge whenever you step onto the court.

Badminton courts feature all markings and regulation nets.

Book your session online if you can or call 0191 433 7111

Badminton prices (per court, per hour) 
Standard (non-cardholder)£10.60
Adult (GO Gateshead cardholder)£9.40
Students and 65+ (GO Gateshead cardholder)£7
Juniors (GO Gateshead cardholder)£5.40
Access adults (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£5.40
Access juniors (GO Gateshead Access cardholder)£4.20


GO Gateshead is big on basketball. Whether you're looking to shoot some hoops with friends, or practice your free throws, we've got the courts (and the basketballs) for you to strut your stuff.

Basketball court features full markings and regulation height baskets.

Book your session online if you can or call 0191 433 7111

Basketball prices (per court, per hour) 
Standard (non-cardholder)£55
GO Gateshead cardholder£45


You can't beat 5-a-side, with it's double figure scorelines, questionable head-height decisions and next-goal-winner rule. You can't beat goals from the halfway line, silky stepovers and cheeky nutmegs, or the great workout this indoor game provides. If 11-a-side is the beautiful game, 5-a-side is for the love of the game.

Our 5-a-side pitch features standard goals and regulation markings.

Book your session online if you can or call 0191 433 7111

5-a-side (per court, per hour) 
Standard (non-cardholder)£55
GO Gateshead cardholder£45

Find a club

If you want to pursue sport as a hobby, or play competitively, Gateshead has several clubs that offer coaching to junior and adult players at all levels of the game. Find a club near you using the North East Club & Activity Finder.

Call Gateshead Leisure Centre on 0191 433 5733 or get in touch online.