Fitness classes at Dunston Leisure Centre

When it comes to fitness, GO Gateshead has you covered. Looking to work on your cardio? 

Try our aerobics, interval training and cycling classes. Want to build strength and tone up? There's Strength and Conditioning, Zumba, and Legs, Bums and Core.

If you'd rather exercise in water, Aquafit is for you.

Something for the mind, as well as the body? Pilates is great. Or if you just fancy getting out of the house for a couple of hours to be active with friends in a fun and positive environment, we have classes for that too!

Dunston Leisure Centre has something to suit all abilities and fitness goals.

Fitness class timetable

Legs, Bums and Core9.30 to 10.30amBook now
Cyclecise10.30 to 11.15amBook now
Circuit11.30am to 12.30pmBook now
Aquafit12.00 to 12.45pmBook now
Body Sculpt5.30 to 6.30pmBook now
Dance Aerobics6.30 to 7.30pmBook now
Body Sculpt9.30 to 10.30amBook now
Cyclecise10.45 to 11.30amBook now
Easy Circuit 11.45am to 12.30pmBook now
LBC5 to 6pmBook now
Boxercise6 to 7pmBook now
Zumba 7 to 8pmBook now
Cyclecise9.30 to 10.15amBook now
LBC10.30 to 11.30amBook now
Cyclecise6.15 to 7pmBook now
Circuit5 to 6pmBook now
Zumba6 to 7pmBook now
Aquafit7.15 to 8pmBook now
Aquafit8.45 to 9.30amBook now
Circuit9.30 to 10.30amBook now
Easy Cyclecise9.30 to 10.15amBook now
Cyclecise10.30 to 11.15amBook now
Pilates10.30 to 11.30amBook now
Body sculpt11.30am to 12.30pmBook now
Boxercise5 to 6pmBook now
Cyclecise6.15 to 7pmBook now
Easy Cyclecise7.15 to 8pmBook now
Body sculpt6 to 7pmBook now
FitStep7 to 8pmBook now
Circuits9 to 10amBook now
Cyclecise10.15 to 11amBook now
Easy circuit 11.15am to 12pmBook now
Cyclecise5.30 to 6.15pmBook now
Stretch & tone6.30 to 7.30pmBook now
Cycelcise9.30 to 10.15amBook now
Body Sculpt10.30 to 11.30amBook now
Cyclecise9.30 to 10.15amBook now
Body Sculpt10.30 to 11.30amBook now